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Why to buy Jenni Rosa Long Band? 

- Because you are the girl that loves / needs to workout your lower body AND upper body! ( I got you, I love it too )

- Only one band, and you can workout upper and lower body!  

- High quality guaranteed or your money back!

- Shipping in the same day or next day after your purchase ( you don’t need to wait to get your gains 🔥) We care about you! 

- Non Slip Fabric ( no more rolls up! You don’t have time for it ) 

- Easy to carry to anywhere! Girl, we got you! You are going to workout at the gym/home/vacations!

- It’s Pink ( looks beaaaautiful in Instagram Pictures! ) 

- Long band is very resistant, you can do your most “crazy” exercises using it! 

- Put it in the wash machine how many times you think it will be necessary! We guarantee our quality! 

- And last reason! Your booty/ legs & Upper body needs it, exercises are much more effective using the bands! It helps by adding resistance and complexity to the movements. The added load (resistance) forces the body to work harder, which burns more calories and tones. 

What are you waiting for? Ah okay, you need to know how to use it? Follow me on IG @byjennirosa 💕  I got tons of videos showing how I use my bands!